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Main menu

What a day?*

MONDAY:“2 + 1” for all rolls
TUESDAY:A win-win lottery with delicious gifts from the Fiji Group Restaurants
WEDNESDAY:Sing karaoke more often! With each new purchase Botlle Service, the number of songs increases: 1 Botlle Service = 1 more song for circle
THURSDAY:Unlimited on Prosecco for 399 UAH
MONDAY WEDNESDAY:“2 + 1” for all branded cocktails

* promotions are not valid on holidays and do not add up

Sushi menu *

You can taste delicious rolls in Fiji daily from 13.00

Weight, gPrice, uah
O R I G I N A L    R O L L ‘ S
Roll with shrimp and mango240245
P H I L A D E L P H I A   R O L L ‘ S
Philadelphia with salmon220235
Philadelphia with eel200279
Philadelphia with salmon and mango210245
C A L I F O R N I A  R O L L ‘ S
California with salmon180195
California with eel180185
D R A G O N  R O L L`S
Red Dragon235295
Green Dragon210285
Golden Dragon200275
F U T O M A K I  R O L L`S
Futomaki with salmon200165
Futomaki with eel200215
S U S H I   S E T S
Assorted set900850
“Philadelphia” set900950
“Fiji” set9001050


Weight, gPrice, uah
Chicken liver pate su-vid *NEW150145
Italian meat delicacies160235
Assorted European cheeses250255
Trio of bruschetta with parma, salmon and sun-dried tomatoes150175
Veal carpaccio in Thai sauce175215
Salmon carpaccio with capers and parmesan175235
Guacamole with corn nachos170155
Ukrainian meat delicacies160205
Italian antipasti (parma, artichoke, parmesan, olives, olives, grissini)400395


Weight, gPrice, uah
Ukrainian with an edge. Served with dark ciabatta, lard and croutons400145
Mushroom cream soup *NEW 300155
Tom Yum with seafood400225
Chicken broth with su-od chicken and poached egg350115


Weight, gPrice, uah
Bowl salad with salmon, mango and quinoa350265
Grilled veal salad and honey-mustard sauce250235
Salad with fresh vegetables and soft cheese *NEW250165
Branded salad “Fiji” with chicken and nut sauce 200165
Caesar salad with chicken 250175
Avocado salad in truffle and citrus sauce and hemp seeds200165
Salad with caramelized peach, masala chicken and Dorble cheese250170

Hot appetizers

Weight, gPrice, uah
Тaco with chicken *NEW 250165
Taco with beef *NEW250185
Hummus with shrimp, cherry tomatoes and spinach200155
Camembert with cranberry sauce150195
Chicken strips with world-chili sauce200145
Sweet potatoes with cheddar sauce190185
Panko shrimp with wasabi sauce100235
Potato dips with garlic sauce220115
Grilled vegetables240115
Snails in Burgundy style6 шт / 12 шт189 / 375

Main dishes

Weight, gPrice, uah
Dorado with zucchini and lemon sauce350325
Meat set with potatoes and grilled vegetables1200990
Black-paste “Carbonara”250175
Burger with veal and potato dips450225
Cheeseburger with chicken and potato dips450255
Stewed veal with truffle puree and herring *NEW280215
Ribeye steak with new potatoes and tomato salsa350275
Pork steak with grilled vegetables350275
Salmon steak with truffle puree300325
Masala chicken with green salad300195


Weight, gPrice, uah
Cheesecake with seasonal berries150135
Chocolate brownie with ice cream and salted caramel200135
Set of seasonal fruits500275
Meringue cake in Kyiv style180145

* Special price, the discount is not valid


Sushi delivery