14B Sagaydachnogo St.

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Sa from 1pm
Su from 1pm
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Main menu

Oysters fine de claire №2

Price, uah
Fine de Claire 1 pcs.65
Fine de Claire 3 pcs. + a glass of sparkling wine250
Fine de Claire 12 pcs. + 2 glasses of sparkling wine850

Sushi menu *

You can taste delicious rolls in Fiji daily from 15.00

Weight, gPrice, uah
O R I G I N A L    R O L L ‘ S
Roll with shrimp and mango240195
Vega roll20099
P H I L A D E L P H I A   R O L L ‘ S
Philadelphia with salmon220175
Philadelphia with eel200205
Philadelphia with salmon and mango210175
C A L I F O R N I A  R O L L ‘ S
California with salmon180165
California with eel180199
D R A G O N  R O L L`S
Red Dragon235249
Green Dragon210249
Golden Dragon200259
F U T O M A K I  R O L L`S
Futomaki with salmon200149
Futomaki with eel200189
S O M E T H I N G   E L S E   & D I F F E R E N T   K I N D S
Miso soup30085
Hiashi wakame120/3065
Salmon poke bowl200/30125
Eel fish poke bowl200 / 30199


Weight, gPrice, uah
FIJI salad with grilled chicken and nut sauce200155
Californian style salad with chicken and Dor Blue cheese250165
Warm veal salad 250185
Caesar salad with chicken 250165
Avocado salad with pesto sauce

For the salad we recommend:

shrimp *



chicken fillet
















Salmon salad with Philadelphia cheese and Pesto sauce*250205

Hot appetizers

Weight, gPrice, uah
Crispy shrimps with Wasabi sauce (6 pcs.) *100/50215
Shrimp popcorn250205
Burger with chicken fillet, vegetables and mustard sauce450165
Burger with beef patty and fries500205
Burger with shrimp, hiyashi and avocado400225
Beer platter (smoked catfish, french fries, legumins, pigtail cheese, chicken satay, sauce)450/100395
Chicken sticks in sesame200/50115
Black pasta “Carbonara”270145
Camembert – fries with honey mustard sauce 200/50200
Frying pan of rapanas in creamy sauce * 300235

First meal

Weight, gPrice, uah
Chicken broth with homemade noodles25095
Ukrainian borsch with toast and bacon300/30/30135
Mushroom cream soup25095
Tom Yum350205

cold appetizers

Weight, gPrice, uah
Smoked marble catfish *100120
Plateau of Italian Delicatessen Meats180225
Salmon tartare with crispy croutons *240255
Assorted cheeses with honey and nuts240235
Salmon carpaccio with parmesan and truffle sauce *175205
Pan-Asian style veal carpaccio175195
Meat legumins160195

Main dishes

Weight, gPrice, uah
Salmon steak with asparagus *120/100305
Veal medallions with potatoes and peanut sauce *300275
Pork medallions with grilled potatoes270185
Grilled fish from the chef *1 шт.285
Meat plate for company *
(pork neck, BBQ pork ribs, pork medallions, grilled sausages, grilled vegetables, home-style potatoes, sauces)


Weight, gPrice, uah
Steak and pork neck350215
Chicken thigh steak with grilled vegetables300185
Turkey steak300215
Steak “Chateaubriand” *300325
Perch fillet with vegetables250175
Assorted sauces “BBQ”, “Satsebeli”, “Narsharab”, “Tar-tar” *5035


Weight, gPrice, uah
Grilled vegetables20095
Home-style potatoes20065
French fries15065


Weight, gPrice, uah
Cheesecake with berry sauce10095
Chocolate fondant10095
Ice cream10055
Fruit plate500205


* Special price, the discount is not valid