A rollicking hen party or just crazy party, corporate celebrations or a long-awaited Friday night – drive and a surge of emotions from the karaoke at the Podol only strengthen the impression from last holiday.

Splashy interior and professional equipment ensure good mood and unforgettable memories. Bose sound system in every hall of the restaurant and lounge bar tuned a professional sound producer. With his supply compiled and the tracklist, so new season talent show “The Voice” can safely performed in our restaurant.

Fri, Sat: from 17:00 to 21:00
Face control – 21+

The restaurant hall Fiji can accommodate up to 60 people – a great place for fans of dance-karaoke, live music and dancing until the morning.

Did you know that some scientists think that the human’s larynx is the second heart? That during the singing produced “the hormone of happiness” endorphin? Sing often, express your emotions with voice, and your body, mind and soul certainly will answer you health and peace.



Karaoke rules

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