To relax after hard day and enjoy luxurious hookah with an incredibly rich taste is now possible in the center of Kiev, in the lounge bar of restaurant Fiji.

F-Sa 11am-5am

Hookah ceremony does not suggest hassles – it’s leisurely, calming ritual that disposes to contemplation and philosophical discussions. We invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation and serenity,in our lounge bar, which gives the legendary hookah with a unique manufacturing technology: All flasks are made of Bohemian glass of traditional Czech techniques of blowing products.

Hookah Menu

Classic HookahUAH

4.20, Arawak


Daily Hookah, Tangiers, Darkside

Fruit bowlUAH
Doha / Absinthe+100

Exquisite taste different varieties of tobacco, colorful play of light and shadow, intricate clouds of smoke can permanently divert the mind from the daily routine and customize thought and consciousness to abstract, vital theme.

Leave behind the door metropolis rhythm – immerse yourself in the entourage of the sacred hookah ceremony!

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